The job of a day of coordinator starts months before the big day. Your coordinator will meet with you to go over your goals and vision of the perfect wedding. You will work together creating a timeline for the day, adding in the details that are important to you, sometimes leaving out traditions that don’t fit you as a couple. They will gather a list of vendors and set up a relationship with them, coordinating drop off and set up times. Your coordinator will work with your officiant, Dj and photographer to set the timeline of the ceremony and reception. Sometimes working out a list of songs and must have photo op’s.

The big day
Your coordinator will oversee set up of decor and vendors, things like catering, cake, flowers, DJ or band, rentals and any specialty vendors. Some coordinators will be with the bride or groom while they get ready, others will focus on preparing the ceremony and reception details.

You need a coordinator if…
You would like to enjoy your big day while someone else handles the details, if you want your family and friends to enjoy the day and not feel like they have been invited to work for you. Sometimes couples will want their families to feel involved but not want to have to manage them, a coordinator can include your family and friends in the work and the couple can sit back and relax knowing that their Day of Coordinator can handle whatever comes up.

Contingency queen
There will inevitably be something that does not go as planned, your coordinator will handle these things for you. What happens when a groomsman loses his pants somewhere between home and the venue. What happens when someone takes a swipe of frosting off of your perfectly decorated cake? Or when the makeup artist doesn’t show up, the brides hair looks like 1985 and the groom forgets his toiletry kit. Your coordinator will come with an emergency kit and nine times out of ten they will use it and call back up if necessary.

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