For most of us, some of our earliest memories are of the holidays. Special moments, family traditions, food, gifts and travel. Why not cash in on the magic of the holiday season and propose to that special someone? Think about it everything is beautifully decorated, there are so many fun events to experience and families are gathering together from all over.

Here are some tips for perfecting the perfect proposal:

Do: Consider their style.

What does he or she like? Are they easily embarrassed or love the spotlight? Do they love grand displays or cringe at attention? Think about special moments that you have shared together and personal memories they have shared with you. 

What does she love? Is she into experiences like ice skating or horse drawn carriage rides? Is he into shows and ballet? Do you share a love for winter sports or are you the type to sit in front of the fire and watch a Christmas movie? 

Don’t: Wing it.

Have a plan, and a backup plan. In the winter months a fun ice skating adventure sounds perfect unless there’s a blizzard and they close the rink.  

Do: Ask for help.

Who’s their BFF? Besides you of course. This one may be a misleading question, if she’s super close to her mom or he’s besties with his brother go that route first, whomever knows them best, can keep a secret, and someone your partner would want involved in such an exciting moment. This person doesn’t need to be present for the proposal but can help set the stage that is perfect for their bestie and your soon to be fiance. Another job of the co-conspirator is picture perfection, think manicures for the perfect ring shot or a fresh shave for that glowing selfie. 

Don’t: Cause a scene.

Make this moment special and unique, typically that  doesn’t involve a flash mob in Times Square or the jumbotron during the big game. Now if you two have had a discussion and either of the previous two scenarios have come up and they are on board, love the idea and would suck up all of the attention of thousands of onlookers, go for it. But on average most people would prefer an intimate and personal proposal

Do: Capture the moment.

Hire a photographer! If that is not in the budget find a friend thats good with a camera and make sure they get at least a billion shots chances are one of them will be frame worthy. 

Don’t: Propose first thing in the morning.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and saying that most people to not feel beautiful when they wake up. You are both going to want to immortalize the moment, a selfie with crazy hair, smudged mascara and the look of knowing your breath stinks is probably not how you want to remember one of life’s biggest events. 

Do: Set the stage

Proposing at home? Clean up, fluff the pillows, clear the coffee table, put up some holiday decor, trim the tree do what you can to make the setting perfect. Proposing away from home? Choose a location that has a special place in your hearts, bonus points if it is decorated for the season. Dinner downtown when all of the trees are decorated with twinkle lights, makes for an easy and romantic proposal stage. Go to a tree lot if your real tree people, if your an artificial tree lover with an obsession for Target, go for it they already cleaned and decorated.

Don’t: Skip the ring.

Okay, seems obvious right? We get that the pressure of picking the perfect FOREVER ring can be overwhelming, but don’t show up empty handed. Many jewelry stores will let you pick the stone and set it in a simple solitaire, then after the proposal you two can pick the perfecting setting together. 

Do: Get a gift.

Granted a promise of forever with your best friend is one of the best gifts you can ever receive, but a little something to unwrap for the holiday is pretty awesome too. 

Don’t: Stress. 

If you are stressing he/she is going to know that something is up, relax! If you have taken the time to plan out your proposal it will be prefect!