Reasons to hire a professional DJ for your wedding

Picking the right DJ for your wedding is very important because DJs set the mood for the event. A professional wedding DJ will be able to help you create the perfect atmosphere and bring your wedding vision to life. Professional DJs have experience and are able to understand what kind of wedding vibe you want.

Before going on the DJ hunt think about this: When you envision your wedding day, what kind of mood does it have? Are you dreaming of a romantic affair with soft melodies playing during dinner? Or do you picture a Las Vegas-style dance party? Do you picture both?

Once you have your vision in mind, its time to start looking and narrowing down the candidates. With a vision in mind, you will be able to tell if a DJ is the right fit for you and your wedding. The right professional DJ can help you to create the atmosphere you want. They can help you figure out what songs go with your vision and they will be able to adjust the music accordingly on your day to keep the mood going.

Here’s a list of a few more reasons to hire the right professional DJ for our wedding day:

1.    They have experience in wedding appropriate songs and know what songs to play

Ideally, you only have to pick a few songs for your wedding day. These songs will be for the most important moments of your day, like walking down the aisle, cake cutting, and introductions. After this, a professional DJ will be able to fill in the rest of the day with songs that stick to your ideal wedding ambiance. You shouldn’t have to pick every song played at your wedding and a professional would never ask you to. They know what songs are wedding appropriate, they know what songs get the crowd on the dance floor, and would never pick a song just because the DJ likes it.

2.    They behave the way a professional should behave

Asking your friends to DJ or hiring a DJ that does not have professional experience with weddings can be a bad idea because they might not know what is expected of them on the day of your wedding. Your friend can get a little tipsy or head to the dance floor and leave the equipment and playlist unattended. A birthday party type of DJ might take your guests hostage in a game of musical chairs. Professional DJs have experience and most importantly discipline to uphold your wedding vision.

3.    A professional DJ will give you some peace of mind

Professional wedding DJs have the right contracts and are reliable. They also have the appropriate equipment, no matter where your ceremony and venue sites may be. This is important especially for a Colorado wedding. Here in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains provide some of the best and most breathtaking outdoor wedding sites in the world. Some couples choose to have the ceremony overlooking the mountains and some choose to have two different mountain locations for both their ceremony and reception. Whatever you choose, a professional wedding DJ will be able to set up no matter where the events are held. Professional DJs have their own WiFi hot spot so they don’t have to rely on the venue Wifi and they are able to set up any place you would like away from Wifi. Certain DJs also have an online catalog so you can pick the songs you like and style of music easily. Lastly, a professional wedding DJ will be able to work effortlessly with your wedding planner to stick to the timeline and handle any issues that may occur without you even finding out.

Our final notes:

Once you pick your DJ, you should trust that when you hire the right DJ they will play music to keep the mood alive and when you overdo it on the song selection you may lose that vibe. It’s best when you don’t over manage a great DJ. Balance is everything!

Lastly, if you’re not sure where to start on your DJ search, don’t stress! We are here to help! We provide personalized vendor recommendations for our coordination clients. For our planning clients we provide recommendations, meetings, and management for all your wedding vendors.