The Best Time for a Mountain Wedding in Colorado: The Pros & Cons of Every Season

Hooray! You’ve decided to get married in one of the most visited and most popular destination wedding spots in the country! Colorful Colorado!

Now let’s get down to business… picking the right season for your wedding can be tricky. Every season in Colorado is beautiful but comes with its unique planning challenges. Knowing these challenges in advance and working with a seasoned wedding planner (like Sugar Willow!) can help you be better prepared to plan and carry out your special day. No matter what season you choose, preparing in advance will help you have an effortless wedding day regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way. So let’s jump right in!


The birds are chirping, the temperature is rising and pretty pastels are everywhere! What’s not to love?

Pros: Guests are more likely to be able to attend your spring wedding in Colorado because they are likely not taking vacations or doing holiday travel during the springtime. Another Pro is more availability for venues compared to the extremely popular summer months. Prices tend to be a bit lower in the spring months too.

Cons: Snow. Yup! We have tons of snowy days in the Colorado Mountains during the springtime. Spring snowstorms could cause travel delays for you and your wedding guests. In this case, setting up a timeline that considers the weather, having a Plan B and working with your wedding planner is really important in order to keep the events of the day running smoothly.  Pro tip: pack umbrellas!


Pretty wildflowers, blue mountains, and lush green woods are the backdrop of summer weddings in Colorado. It’s the scene you picture when you think about that astonishing mountain top wedding.

Pros: Beautiful colors, lush greenery, amazing weather, and breathtaking views. There’s a reason why summer weddings are the most popular. Colorado in the summer is absolutely fantastic! The weather is simply amazing and perfect for a destination wedding, hiking, horseback riding, camping, and lounging by the swimming pool.   

Cons: It can get hot in the middle of summer. Having a summer wedding means you will probably have to plan your day carefully to make sure your guests are comfortable and out of the sun for those dreaded mid-day hours (especially if your wedding is outside!). Another con is limited accommodations in Denver. Colorado is gorgeous and lush in the summer so tourist rates are particularly high and this means hotels book up fast in the summer months. Prices are also the highest during the summer season for venues.


Fall Colors. …Do I need to say more? The glorious colors of the aspen leaves in the fall are what dreams are made of! Every year Colorado gets visitors from around the world that travel to the mountains just to see the leaves change color.

Pros: The changing leaves look absolutely gorgeous. Wedding pictures and wedding ceremonies with the fall leaves in the background are simply jaw dropping.

Cons: One downside of having a wedding in the fall is the weather. Fall weather in Colorado varies a lot! Some days can be sunny while other days can be snowy. Another downside is popularity. Even though the weather is risky, having those fall leaves in the background in worth it for many couples. This means venues book up really fast and planning with a lot of time in advance is really important for securing that picturesque fall wedding.


Set against freshly fallen snow, winter weddings are simply magical. Winter weddings are always romantic and spectacular. And the snow capped mountains and pine trees are the perfect backdrop for fabulous pictures.

Pros: Gorgeous winter views! There’s no doubt about it! You are going to awe your guests with those painting-worthy views of the snow-capped Rockies. Winter weddings in Colorado are also truly unique. Few couples get married during the winter months in Colorado. So if you’re adventurous, revel in the magic of Mother Nature and want a unique wedding, getting married in the snow is definitely a great option!

Cons: Winter means ski season in Colorado so it hotel rates are at their highest in the Mountains during this season. And speaking of Mother Nature… This is definitely the biggest Con and biggest reason why couples don’t get married during the winter in Colorado. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Travel can get a little complicated, ceremonies might have to be moved to your Plan B location, and timelines might have to be adjusted. But with the help of a seasoned pro you can navigate these challenges and have an incredible celebration in the snowy mountains of Colorado.