We were invited to join a panel of Colorado wedding professionals to answer questions for couples that are navigating wedding planning during this pandemic. We discussed what we are doing and seeing among our wedding planning communities for couples getting married and planning weddings amidst COVID-19 and government restrictions. Here is what we had to say on the subject,



  1. How are you handling postponing weddings to a later date in  2020? How are you handling postponing weddings to 2021? (ie. policy, fees etc.)

We are handling postponed 2020 weddings on a case by case basis. There are so many factors going into these decisions, like will the couple be rebooking for a future date in 2020 or pushing out to 2021? Are we available on the new date of choice?


  1. What are you seeing as the main pain point for clients when dealing with re-scheduling their wedding- industry specific?

Venue and vendor availability, it is so difficult to coordinate a new date with all of the booked vendors. Vendors charge postponement fees and new date fees, in order for many vendors to hold a new date they require a postponement or date change fee. This is so hard for a couple that is having to move their wedding at no fault of their own, unfortunately most wedding vendors are small business and can not afford to reserve a new date, especially a saturday or prime weekend without adding a fee. The best way to think of this is if your vendor can not survive this virus financially they may no longer be in business when your new wedding date rolls around. Every vendor that we have come across so far is doing everything they can to make this as easy as possible for the couple, offering payment options for adding extra to their service to make up for the additional cost. 

Another pain point we are seeing is the constant questions that our couple are getting from friends and family regarding their wedding, people are expecting couples to have all of the answers and at this point when there really are no concrete answers. We recommend letting your family and friends know that you, your planner and vendor team are monitoring the situation and looking at backup options and that you will be sure to notify everyone as soon as you have an official plan. Remember that it is not your job to make everyone else happy when planning your wedding!! 


  1. What are 3 pieces of advice can you give to clients working through postponing their event?
  • Take a deep breath and step back from the situation. 
  • Start a conversation with your venue and planner, looking at backup dates, reviewing contracts and asking for help. We do not expect you to figure this out on your own!.
  • Be flexible, just because your wedding may need to be a Thursday or you drop some of your guest count, look for the blessings in every opportunity, at the end of all of this you are still marrying your best friend!!


  1. For couples who are recently engaged and are looking to book their wedding in 2021- what are some questions to ask your wedding planner and what are 3 pieces of advice you can give to them for finding your type of vendor and scheduling?
  • Book sooner rather than later, with so many postponed 2020 weddings there will be fewer dates available. We are seeing a lot of vendors that are already at 75% booked for 2021. 
  • As always look at experience and personality, you really need to click with your planner since you will be working so close for so many months. Have they had to deal with difficult situations for their clients, do they know how to handle a crisis? 
  • Choose a planner that has solid vendor relationships, you are looking to hire an expert and you want to make sure that they know vendors that can execute the type of wedding you are hosting with a level of professionalism and style. 



  1. Final words- any comments you may have.

Venue and vendor selection looks different now, your meetings will be over the phone or video conference and venue tours are available online. Just because the world looks different does not mean that you can not start planning the wedding of your dreams right now. 


Here is the full panel with our vendor friends,


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