If you are like us, you want to know what the plan is. You like to know when and where things will be happening. You have calendars and checklists, timelines, and spreadsheets. For those of us type-A personalities, COVID-19 sucks!!! We want to know when, where, and how many. Am I right? As one type-A to another, we feel your pain, that’s why we have teamed up with some fellow wedding pros to come up with a game plan. Let’s be honest we need a plan right now, even if it’s not plan-A or even plan-B at this point. 

If you are looking at your approaching wedding date, whether this is your originally scheduled wedding day or your plan-B date, you want to marry your best friend and this is THE day.  So how do you make it special?

 Plan an elopement, keep the date, get the marriage license, and do the dang thing, but with style. Get married in your backyard. get married on a mountain top, get married at the park down the street, get married anywhere that brings you joy, but preferably somewhere with wifi. I know this may not sound like your dream day but hear us out, we still want your wedding to be incredible!!

Let’s start with getting the word out, send out an elopement invitation to your guests explaining that you love them to pieces and can’t wait to celebrate with them at your big reception celebration later this year or in 2021. You include a zoom link and instructions on how to use it, believe it or not, not everyone is having daily Zoom happy hours. Cristy at The Lucky Onion has got you covered, “your Zoom elopement invitations will keep the same formalities as that of a normal wedding invitation, with your instructions looking a lot like your Details Card. Your response cards will serve as “well wishes” cards. Your guests will be able to write a note of love, support, advice, and joy, which can serve as beautiful keepsakes in your album later on.”. Next up, coordinate with your wedding vendor team, if you have a planner this kind of thing is what we live for if you’re flying solo on this planning journey see if your hairstylist is available, ask your florist if they can prepare your personal flowers and maybe something beautiful for the ceremony, Sarah from Calla Blue Floral suggests that, “you can still highlight the areas of your elopement or virtual wedding with either a few floral pieces or big statement pieces in addition to your bouquet and boutonniere.”. Call up your officiant, photographer, and videographer get them all on board because this is going to be fun.

Now you have everything planned, your family and friends know what to expect and when to log in, your vendors are all set, you and your fiance are ready to do this thing. Your photographer/videographer can help set up the zoom feed and then they step into their role(s) as a documenter of love, Cat with Studio Lemus knows her way around a camera as both photographer and videographer, what she loves about elopements is that “It’s a chance to have an intimate start to your marriage and get ridiculously beautiful wedding photos… which you can of course then use to send a “We got married” announcement to your favorite people”. The two of you say your vows for your loved ones to witness online, you share a virtual toast, get more photos and video, spin around in each other’s arms, then mark this date on your calendar as the best day ever!



Now here’s where it gets extra fun when you get that video after editing, hold it hostage. What?! Why!? You ask. To surprise everyone at your wedding reception! Just imagine walking into your wedding reception in full wedding fabulousness to all of your family and friends with the video from your incredible elopement, the best day ever playing on a big screen. Think of all of those tears, cheers, and hugs (do you remember hugs?). Just because this is not what you first envisioned doesn’t mean it’s not going to be magnificent.