When looking for wedding hair inspiration, you always want to figure out the silhouette you want. Half-down, all down, all up, some down, there are so many options. Here are some of our favorite silhouettes this year!
You really can’t go wrong! Plus, a half up look always is timeless and is flattering on most face shapes.
This may be one that you are less familiar with, but you really get the best of both worlds if you have long hair! You are able to show off your gorgeous length, while still keeping your hair out of your face.
All Up
For hot summer days and unpredictable weather, this is always going to be your safest bet!
PRO TIP: When looking at inspo photos, always be sure you are looking at photos that have a similar color hair and skin tone to get the best idea of what will look great on you!

Author and Photos: Nine Morrison, Wedlocks Bridal Hair, and Makeup


Featured Image: Lisa Rose Photography