By now, if they haven’t postponed yet, most couples have scaled down their fall weddings. After all, micro weddings and elopements have become the trend for the 2020 and 2021 wedding season. I think all 2020 brides have a similar feeling when they hear the statement “Am I still invited to your wedding?” To help out those who haven’t quite decided exactly what they’re doing yet, let’s talk about what most lovebirds have done to keep their date the same this year, even if it’s looking a little different.


1. Honestly, if you haven’t already, hire a planner.

I actually think this goes for anyone having a wedding even remotely close to this time period. If you don’t have a wedding planner yet, get one. We might be biased, but with the rules constantly changing in every city, state, and county, you’ll thank us later. Vendors may fall through with everyone changing their dates or due to their own set of rules, and communication is our specialty.


2. Kindly, potentially, un-invite some guests.

Zoom weddings are a thing now. And, if in order to keep their date and venue, some duos had to lower their guest count, that’s what they’ve done. Don’t worry, these guests can still tune in for a vid of the ceremony if that’s what the couple wants.


3. Create a rotation for guests.

If you want to see as many guests as possible on your wedding day and try to limit those who are uninvited, consider splitting your guests into groups and assigning a time slot for each group to attend the reception. This way you get to visit with everyone without going over crowd limits. It may be unlikely that everyone will be in attendance for the ceremony, but that’s where zoom can come through again. Each group can have a watch party, right?


4. Move the wedding to a private property.

Backyard weddings are back, quite literally. While guest count and vendor changes may still need to take place, at least you have a bit more flexibility and don’t need to worry as much about the rules that are changing literally every day. Sometimes this allows for less logistics to be involved as well, which can help make the day a little less stressful and save some money on that venue fee.


5. Be incredibly flexible.

Just because your date isn’t changing doesn’t mean other things won’t. Maybe your florist doesn’t have as much access to your original choice of blooms because of the situation, so you’ll need to look at some more locally sourced goods. Or, you may have a harder time meeting a food and beverage minimum with your caterer due to a lower guest count, so talk with them about other potential options or see if you can find a new caterer. Changing the date and keeping the date each come with a unique set of challenges and benefits.


Whatever you decide, we’ve got your back and we hope that this has shed some light on the situation for those couples celebrating later this year or early next year.