Who doesn’t love a good wedding cocktail?!


Your wedding is supposed to be a complete reflection of the two of you, and there are so many ways to do that! One of our favorite ways to incorporate your uniqueness is in the form of a drink. Signature cocktails have become more of a thing recently, and we hope it never ends.

First off, believe it or not, signature cocktails can actually be a great way to cut down on your beverage bill. Instead of going with a full bar that includes all of your typical alcohols and mixers. opting for beer, wine and one or two signature drinks can be much more dollar friendly.


This gives you and your honey room for creativity, too! Choose your favorite type(s) of alcohol, mixers, maybe a pump or two of something, and voila! It’s completely possible that your guests have never even had this drink before. Signature cocktails can also be easily turned into a memorable mocktail for those who aren’t drinking alcohol on your big day. Instead of them having to go with the normal soda, they have an unforgettable glass in their hands to enjoy all night.


The creativity doesn’t stop at deciding what goes in your cocktail – you get to name it, too! There’s the classic “his” and “hers,” but you can make it so much more than that. Name your drinks after your dogs, after your favorite places, even after nicknames! Anything that means anything to you. Side note, you can also have super cute signage made showcasing your cocktails and their names.

Signature cocktails are a great way to add unique details that are also still a good investment. We know that sometimes you have to cut some “fun” things out of your budget based on which ones are most important to you. Incorporating those “fun” ideas into a cocktail can help you help it become more affordable, and possibly even save you money on that bar tab!


Cover Photo: kativyphotography.com

Photo 2 (left) and 3 (right): carrierogersphotography.com and alchemycreative.net

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