About Us

We are full service planning and design team with a passion for taking care of people, creating unique and personalized weddings and events for adventurous people. Based in Parker and traveling the state of Colorado, we love the adventure of working in new locations. Our favorite venues are not venues at all but tented lots of land or bare bones locations that our design team can bring to life. Don’t be fooled we can rock a hotel ballroom, downtown mansion and an empty barn too.

TuccittoFamily-56Meet Natasha

Owner and Creative Director

My love of organization and parties go hand in hand, so the natural progression brought me to event and wedding planning. After years in the service industry, jewelry and salon management I found my knack for coordinating large groups. I find joy in the completion of a task, the excitement of watching a plan come together and love of bringing joy to others. I think an unconventional upbringing has lead me to see the joy in the small things, as a child I would re-wrap my toys just so I could unwrap them and experience the magic over again. Planning an event for others gives me that same joy and excitement.