Why is picture day the worst day of the year?

Few things bring as much joy as pictures that capture the personalities of your family at this season of life, but getting that moment is one of the most stressful events of the year or decade depending on how brave you are.

So many factors to consider when coordinating outfits, you want to match without matching, choosing colors that work together, maybe repeating the color twice but never using the same shade on everyone, and throw in a print or two but nothing over powering.

For this shoot we went with a mix of earthy fall tones, the youngest worked as the ringer for this color pallet. This Matilda Jane orange dress with green, blue and maroon details pulled the plan together. A couple solid maroon pieces, the green romper added a slight pattern and played with a couple shades of green from the Matilda Jane dress and simple check pattern from dads button-up helped add dimension for the couple shots since mom is in a solid dress. One of the most important things to keep in mind is comfort and style, don’t dress yourself or family in something you/they hate and then expect to look comfortable and expressive in photos.

Props are always fun but not always necessary, we brought along a few blankets and props with us but this backdrop was so glorious there was no need to add anything to the shoot. We did use this great blanket mostly for sentimental reasons, this blanket came from a wedding earlier this year and it just felt right to include it.

None of this matters if you don’t hire the right photographer. Always look at their previous work, does their style match up with yours? How do they pose their subjects? Do you like a posed look or a more casual laid back style, do you want the photos to look crisp or a little tinted and earthy? Keep in mind the number of people, a large family should look for photographers that are experienced with big groups.

More from this shoot at https://www.abbeygphoto.com/single-post/2017/11/13/The-Tuccitto-Family

Creating a Lasting Impression

BB0A8906All couples want their wedding to be memorable. How can you make a lasting impression on your guests? What makes something memorable? What if you were able to provide your guests with a gift to use both during and long after your special day? These blankets were so cute and convenient (good ol’ Colorado mountain weather is unpredictable). Weather happens and when the clouds rolled in and the winds picked up, guests were able to wrap up a keep cozy. Best part is, there were plenty of blankets to take home. How cute is this bride wrapped up cozy on her camping-moon?

It was a special day to say the least and luckily for all the weather cleared up and festivities resumed.

Jr. Bridesmaids and Flower girls

J_and_B-170Dressing junior bridesmaids and flower girls for your big day can be difficult.  Every young lady has their own style and their own expectations about what their dress should be.  With this wedding party, we created unity with color and rouging while the style fit each girl’s age and body type.  Hair styling was the same through-out the attendants and made for beautiful pictures.