A Free Spirited Summer Wedding

Grand Lake, Colorado


For Jordyn and Stephen, sharing their love of the Colorado outdoors with their friends and family was really important. Taking our cue from the rustic setting, we developed a natural, laid-back look and feel for the wedding. Having fun was also essential so there was a donut bar, self-serve wine and beer, and lawn games for guests to take part in. At the heart of the day, was the ceremony, which was so special because it was officiated by the bride’s brother, featured a Native American blessing, and a Palo Santo cleansing. Talk about meaningful!

When I look back on our wedding day, it was amazing because of what Natasha was able to create. She was so understanding of the pieces of the day that were most important to my husband and I and also gave us such inspiration of how to bring it all together. She helped me to pick out a color scheme, dresses, catering, and even ensured that I had lint rollers on the day of.

– Jordyn

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