Look no further – if Natasha has your date available, book her! My only regret is waiting until I had struggled through the planning process for months before realizing I needed help. Natasha was willing to do whatever was needed to make sure the day turned out exactly how we wanted. Leading up to the day she made it clear that this was our weekend to celebrate and enjoy our families, and it was her job to make sure the florist got there on time, that the seating chart matched reality and that our decor was all perfectly laid out. But what Natasha doesn’t advertise is that she will run and get a drink for your elderly uncle when she notices his glass is empty, she will give out her number to every single one of your out of town family members so they call her first with literally any question under the sun, she lets you drink mimosas with your sisters all morning and takes care of any hiccup before you’re even aware there was an issue, she will meet you at a gas station by the airport rental car center two days after your wedding to try and help you and your new spouse find ways to squeeze, ship or re-home all the decor that you brought along for your destination wedding. Our day couldn’t have happened without Natasha, and if she wasn’t there as our planner, then I would now want her there as a friend. She’s the best of the best and you can tell how much she loves and values getting to be a part of your big day. Natasha – your brides miss you and can’t thank you enough!! Love, Cass & Jules