Natasha & Team are the secret weapons you NEED on your side! As you begin to plan you wedding, you’ll soon find out that you have an entirely new language to learn- having someone guide you through the process and ensure your vision is executed perfectly is the best investment you will make for your day! After interviewing many coordinators, we picked Natasha because she had it all- awesome design skills, industry connections, a fun and supportive attitude, all while clearly being super organized and all business. In the beginning of our journey, Natasha helped us figure out just how to bring our vision to life. She had amazing design concepts and feedback, a vendor for each and every detail, and the most epic timeline to keep everyone on track! Any question or concern was quickly answered and any tricky situation quickly troubleshooted. Then…COVID. The pandemic hit 5 months before our date, talk about bringing a super emotional time to the next level of stress. We truly would not have made it through in one piece without Natasha- she was tuned into all the latest industry updates and local guidelines, and was a neutral, objective team-member that held our hand through a really tough few months (literally up to the week before). A few calls we had were basically just for the moral support of me and my Mom, as there were no certain answers, and no firm direction. Most of all during this time, I am so thankful that Natasha put US first. I heard horror stories of other planners scaring their clients, closing up shop, or forcing them into one decision or another. Natasha was ready and willing to go the direction we wanted to go, and when we decided we were going to make our wedding happen this year on whatever scale we could, she was with us every step of the way and helped us adjust every one of our plans to ensure we had a fun and safe event. We are 3 weeks out now and truly pulled it off. With 96 people (legal in our county in CO) in a super large venue (half of our initial guest list), we had zero COVID cases! I am confident that all the effort we put into our safety plans really made a difference. Most importantly, on day of- Natasha and Team were phenomenal. Calm, supportive, professional, and handling every detail seamlessly. My Mom, Husband, and I got to sit back and enjoy the day. Every detail , every vendor, every set-up was taken care of. Your wedding day goes by so fast, the last thing you need to do is be worrying about all of that too. With Sugar Willow on deck, I had complete confidence that all would come together. And boy, did it. Our day was a little different than originally anticipated given the times, but truly perfect and all we could ever want for a 2020 wedding. We are SO thankful for Natasha and team and know you will be too!