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Whether your celebration is a magnificent weekend-long affair or a more intimate gathering, we’ll take care of as much as you need to make your day perfect, for you.

We are your wedding adventure guides

Our Services

+ Rehearsal Dinner and/or Welcome Reception Coordination & Design
+ Day-after Brunch Coordination & Design
+ Welcome Gift Design & Curation w/ Assembly

Additional Options

Here is a general overview of what’s included:

+ Unlimited Guidance & Consultations
+ Organizational Tools & Planning Services
+ Venue Scouting & Management
+ Vendor Selection & Management
+ Menu Creation
+ Personal Assistance
+ Event Concept & Design
+ Floral Design and Coordination
+ Paper Suite Design and Coordination
+ Rental Selection and Coordination
+ Ceremony Rehearsal & Management
+ Wedding Day Installation & Management

As in the name of the experience, full-service is just that. We take care of every detail you need, and the ones you didn’t know existed.

Full-Service Planning & Design

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Romantic elopements or micro-weddings can make hearts leap as much as the grandest celebration. We’ve partnered with incredible vendors and venues to ensure your day is unforgettable, and since little doesn’t have to mean less, dream big! Our fully customizable, all-inclusive tiny weddings make planning easy and stress-free. Whether it’s just the two of you or an intimate group of your closest family and friends, your day will be beautiful, unique and made to fit you.

Tiny Weddings

How Our Process Works

After your initial inquiry, we will reach out to schedule your consultation. We will discuss your dream vision and expectations for the event and explore what is most important to you. From here we craft a custom proposal highlighting your priorities and needs while also focusing on an elevated experience for your guests.

Once you’ve signed a contract with us, we will get you set up with our customized client portal and give you access to any additional planning documents that we’ll be using while we guide you through the wedding production and planning process. 

Now it’s time to explore! The focus will be on finding the perfect city and venue to match your vision. It’s important to accentuate your ideal guest experience as we search for your venue. Accounting for everything from guest accommodations, rehearsal dinner, welcome reception, weekend activities (if you’re looking for some more adventure) to your post-wedding Sunday brunch.

Now it’s time for us to really get to know you and your partner. Once we have a grasp on your personal love story and design style, we carefully create and combine each custom concept for your event to match your personal vibes, energy, and wedding vision. 

Once your design is established, it’s time to enter the production phase. This is where we piece together every detail of your event from start to finish. You’ll be presented with the best potential vendor matches and we will manage each vendor throughout the process as we all work together to breathe life into your wedding vision. Once all the groundwork has been laid throughout planning and production, it’s wedding day! We are on site for all wedding events. We like to think of ourselves as the conductors of your wedding symphony. Orchestrating with all vendors, managing the timeline for the day, and taking care of any needs that arise. 

Crafting an unforgettable experience for everyone, including your guests, is key! Your wedding celebration can be more than just 1 day! We help curate a weekend full of wedding activities, from dining experiences and outdoor activities down to even the smallest details throughout your wedding day that give your guests a one of a kind experience, leaving them feeling valued and appreciated. We are excited to be your experience creation and curation team for the entire weekend.

Think of us as your comprehensive wedding service. Every single detail is handled so that you can be fully present in each and every moment of your wedding celebration. This includes things like assisting with your guests travel and transportation needs, helping create a tantalizing and interesting menu for your event, and being available after the celebration is over to assist with any vendor follow-ups and publication.

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Think of us as your wedding adventure guides. Collaboration is key. Your dreams become ours and we’ll do all we can to make them come true.

Let's Celebrate Your Way