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Historic Union station.

 Colorful retro-Inspired Wedding in Denver

Clare & Anthony

Location: Denver, Colorado

This dynamic couple brought their playful and energetic personalities to life in a celebration that was nothing short of a lively party. The historic Union Station served as the perfect backdrop for their elegant, retro-inspired festivities, with its timeless architecture and energetic atmosphere. From a bold and breathtaking hanging floral design at their ceremony with colorful disco balls, to the glamorous and vibrant retro signage and details, every element reflected the couple's fun-loving nature. The dance floor was ablaze with energy as the couple and their guests celebrated their union with spirited moves, creating a night that was as unforgettable as it was lively. Clare & Anthony's wedding was a testament to their love for each other and their commitment to embracing life with exuberance, turning Denver's Union Station into a kaleidoscopic haven of passion, laughter, and retro revelry.

Welcome to the vibrant world of Clare & Anthony's wedding in Denver, CO. They started the day at Catbird Hotel in Denver with a funky, colorful ceremony.