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Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa

Playful and Organic Mountain Resort Wedding wedding


Location: TABERNASH, Colorado

Surrounded by towering pines and sweeping vistas, the couple exchanged vows in an outdoor ceremony that felt both intimate and grand. What set this celebration apart was the couple's shared passion for horses, evident in the delightful details scattered throughout the venue. From horses happily trotting behind their ceremony, to handcrafted wooden signs, every element exuded a sense of organic joy. Guests were treated to a memorable experience as they enjoyed the festivities against the backdrop of nature's breathtaking beauty. Lauren & Zach's mountain resort wedding was not just a union of hearts but a manifestation of their shared love for each other and the world around them, creating a day filled with laughter, love, and a touch of equestrian magic.

Step into the enchanting surroundings of Lauren & Zach's mountain resort wedding, a celebration that perfectly mirrored their playful spirits and love for the great outdoors. Nestled in the heart of the majestic mountains, their wedding was a picturesque blend of romance and rustic charm.